PREVIEW: David Hockney RA: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life @Royal Academy of Arts

This summer David Hockney returns to the Royal Academy of Arts with a whole new body of work, which will open to the public on the 2nd July and will be on display until the 2nd October. 

The new exhibition sees the artist offering a snapshot of the LA art world and the people who he has met in the last two years.

David Hockney’s last exhibition at the Royal Academy took place in 2012, and after that hugely popular exhibition closed, the artist turned away from painting and his Yorkshire home, choosing to return to LA and concentrate on portraiture.

As well as featuring sitters from all areas of his life and allowing them into his studio, Hockney  offers an insight into his life in LA. The display will feature, as the title suggests, 82 portraits and one still life.

David Hockney RA: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life includes portraits of friends, family, acquaintances and staff. Each of the portraits have been created within the time frame of three days, which Hockney describes as ‘a 20 hour exposure’ as well as being painted on the same size canvas.

All of the works will be displayed chronologically, to emphasise to visitors the development of Hockney’s work in the medium of acrylic. The exhibition will showcase how the artist’s deep interest in portraiture and its changing role in the history of art will become clear as people walk around the display.

This exhibition is a chance for the artist to revisit a genre that has played an important part in Hockney’s long and successful career.

David Hockney RA: 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life opens to the public on the 2nd July and will run until the 2nd October. All tickets for the exhibition must be bought in advance. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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