Review Round-Up…. Titanic, Charing Cross Theatre

As Thom Southerland takes the helm as Artistic Director of the Charing Cross Theatre, his hugely successful production of the musical Titanic returns to London – but does it still make waves? 

The Guardian: **** Michael Billington wrote: “With great skill, Yeston and Stone weave a series of love stories into the drama and, while you don’t exactly come out humming the score, it drives the narrative forwards.”

The Telegraph: **** Lucinda Everett found that: “Thom Southerland’s direction is finely detailed and makes full use of David Woodhead’s sumptuous costumes and simple, flexible set.”

London ***** Mark Shenton was enthusiastic saying that the production has: “a sublime cast that sing and act it as if their lives depended on it.”

The  Stage: ***** “Knowing the outcome does not diminish the enduring power of the story, especially as told with the fierce dramatic and musical drive of Peter Stone’s beautifully constructed book. ”

WhatsOnStage: *** Sarah Crompton thought: “Yet the production continues to grip, with committed and vivid performances, all the more impressive because the cast of 20 take on so many parts.”

The Reviews Hub: ***** Scott Matthewman commented: “the power of this musical, and especially of this production: a story which has been told over and over feels fresh, thrilling and new.”

Broadway “this ship sails into port triumphantly, on course for a West End smash!”

London Theatre 1: ***** ” this exhilarating, magnificent and intense musical left me feeling I had seen a truly remarkable production.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “this is a show very hard not to admire.”

Evening Standard:**** Henry Hitchings wrote: “at the helm Southerland combines sensitivity with ambition, suggesting that this previously moribund venue is now on course for success.”

Bargain “However this is an enjoyable evening at the theatre with a cast of incredibly talented performers.”

The Times: *****  Dominic Maxwell said: “Sung with vigour and care, staged frugally but with phenomenal flair, this disaster musical is a triumph.”

Londonist: **** Sophia Shluger commented: “Die-hard Titanic film fans may be disappointed at the lack of a central love story, but people of all ages can get on board this entertaining show full of love, hope and ultimately dashed dreams.”

The Bardette: “The show has attracted a wealth of musical talent that propels this production into a true masterpiece.”

Titanic appears at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 6th August.To book tickets visit: Discount, Theatre Tickets, Theatre and UK



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