PREVIEW: Oliver Curtis: Volte-Face, Royal Geographical Society

Oliver Curtis turns his back on some of the world’s most photographed monuments and historical sites to create photographs that offer a new perspective on the world. 

Volte Face.jpg

All of the photographs in the new exhibition that will be on display at the Royal Geographical Society from the 19th September until the 14th October, were taken across four years and invite viewers to see a different aspect on some of the world’s sites.

The aim of the exhibition is to show what initially is mundane in contrast to historical sites that have been captured thousands of times. This idea first came to the artist when he travelled to visit the pyramids of Giza in Cairo in 2012, Curtis realised by turning back and looking in the direction that he came in there was more to the landscape then originally thought.

Talking about this first visit to Giza, Oliver Curtis said: “I found this visual sandwich of contrasting colour, texture and form intriguing not simply for the photograph it made but also because of the oddness of my position; standing at one of the great wonders of the world facing the ‘wrong’ way.”

Volte-Face will run at the Royal Geographical Society from the 19th September until the 14th October. Admission to the exhibition is free. 

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