PREVIEW: Woodstock by Baron Wolman, Proud Camden

Over summer, Proud Camden will bring the festival season indoors with a special exhibition of photographs taken by Baron Wolman – running from the 28th July until the 11th September.

A couple play the guitar sitting on their car on the way to the Woodstock Festival, August 1969. (c) Baron Wolman.


All of the images selected for display offer an insight into this special festival, while managing to capture the spirit of the rock ‘n’ roll festival. But Wolman’s photographs also show audiences away from the music, so enabling him to provide viewers with an honest glimpse of the cultural and political aspects of many of the people visiting Woodstock.

The images selected for display were taken not only during the festival itself, but also when people visiting Woodstock took part in activities away from the music, allowing Wolman to capture an honest view of the cultural and political aspects of of people at the time who were protesting about war and the government.

By not becoming obtrusive, Wolman’s photographs captured the rawness and emotion of a generation and have become a representation of a revolutionary moment in musical history and one of the most memorable events to have taken place.

Baron Wolman was on stage with Jimi Hendrix, back stage with the Rolling Stones and front of stage with the likes of Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin and became Rolling Stone Magazine’s first chief photographer.

This display as well as the photographs reveals a rare insight into a special festival, showcasing the power of community – as well as being a festival that is still fondly remembered today, making this an exhibition that is worth a visit for anyone with an interest in musical and cultural history.

Woodstock by Baron Wolman will run at Proud Camden from the 28th July until the 11th September. For more information visit:

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