Review Round Up: The Bride by Bat for Lashes

Back with a fourth album, can Bat for Lashes impress critics with this latest offering or is it a weaker record in comparison to previous releases? ” The Bride is further proof that Khan, unlike almost all of her contemporaries, understands how to wade into mystical realms and emerge with big, beguiling pop.”

The Guardian: *** Kitty Empire wrote: “The denouement is perhaps not as dramatically satisfying as you would hope.”

The Upcoming: *** “The story behind the album transforms what could otherwise have been a series of clichéd love ballads into a compelling listening experience.”

NME: **** Larry Bartlett said: “Khan’s story musters the same potent anguish as these ancient tales.”

Rolling Stone: *** (half) Kory Grow commented: “Khan has paced the album well – it unfolds as the titular character comes undone mentally and eventually follows towards something like resignation.”

The Telegraph: **** Neil McCormick found that: “This is a beautiful, beguiling, disturbing and rewarding album of love, loss, grief and recovery from one of the most intriguing singer-songwriters currently active in British music.”

The Independent: **** Andy Gill thought: “The result emulates, and equals, Joanna Newsom’s Divers, another ambitious album about the inescapable inter-connectedness of love and death.” “Khan’s meticulous tearing down of one romantic myth has actually validated another: that only through suffering can one attain clarity.”

Evening Standard: **** Richard Godwin said: “The concept may be a little contrived, even overdone — but you don’t have to follow the story to be caught up in her doomful cinema.”

MusicOMH:*** (half) “Some may write it off as one-paced (and they’d have a point), but there are moments of heartache and beauty here that will be hard to touch in 2016.”

All Music: *** (half) “The Bride is beautifully crafted, but not always thrilling.”

The Bride is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 

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