Review Round Up…Stalking the Bogeyman, Southwark Playhouse

Based on a true story, this tale of one man’s quest for vengeance is brought to life at the Southwark Playhouse in Markus Potter’s production. But does it impress the critics?  The Guardian: ** Lyn Gardner wrote: “But in its current clumsy stage form, the story works less well, though the core narrative is gripping and there’s… Read More

Radio Times at Charing Cross Theatre Postponed

The second production in Charing Cross Theatre’s new season has been postponed it has been announced.  In a statement released by the producers it was announced that: “Sadly, due to artist non-availability, we are unable to present the production on the dates originally planned.  We hope to present the production at a later date.” Those… Read More

Opinion: is Rebel Wilson a Worthy Adelaide in Guys & Dolls?

On hearing the news that Rebel Wilson was joining the London cast of Guys & Dolls, the majority of people were extremely happy, but this writer  a little bit dubious – could she pull the character off?  The Guardian: “Before she had delivered a single line, the crowd could not contain itself. Wilson spent the… Read More

REVIEW:Twelfth Night… With a Cast of Comedians, London Wonderground

Fight in the Dog provide an entertaining if occasionally flat take on Shakespeare’s comedy.  This tale of  mistaken identities is given new life by being performed by comedians, who show a great gift for timing – but sadly not depth of the characters to make the audience care about their situation. It is down in… Read More