RIP Garry Marshall

The sad news that the director has passed away  is a sad loss to film making – particularly when it comes to romantic comedies. Here is a few films that he will be particularly remembered for… 

1. Pretty Woman: no one really quite matches the pairing of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in any romantic comedy and it is great to see Garry Marshall really recognised this and made the most of this in Pretty Woman. Perhaps a romantic comedy about a hooker and millionaire isn’t a typical romantic situation, but somehow it worked and is still hugely popular today.

2. The Princess Diaries: anything that he put his hand to had a gentle touch, allowing audiences to really involved with the characters stories in the way in which his films were structured. The Princess Diaries might be for a younger audience, but the humour and the sensitivity in which it is delivered was very much his style – and it worked numerous times.

3. Runaway Bride: starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts once again, this romantic comedy sees a journalist attempting to get the truth about a runaway bride aka a woman who consistently leaves men at the altar, but ultimately falls in love with her himself. Light hearted and entertaining, it might not have been the most complicated film but it is a great watch.

4. Beaches: a very different film, the 1988 drama starring Bette Middler is about the enduring power of friendship from beginning to end. Once again the director very much focuses on the importance of relationships with people, whether it is family or a romantic relationship.

RIP Garry Marshall – thank you for delivering films that are full of emotional impact and a joy to watch because of the way in which your films lift the spirit and restore our faith in humanity in a light hearted and entertaining way.



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