This new trailer for the film gives us a little bit more information on the characters (and the creatures) that we are going to expect! 

Harry Potter fans rejoice! We will soon be able to rejoin the wonderful wizarding world that J.K.Rowling created through the Harry Potter series – but seeing it through the eyes of a completely new character who ‘wrote’ the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Newt Scamander.

This latest trailer reveals a lot more about the types of characters and creatures that audiences are going to meet during the course of the film – and there is certainly a lot of both, which is going to either be positive adding a number of different dynamics or become confusing for people in terms of the plot.

But what is apparent is the fact that it has clearly kept to the style of the Harry Potter films, genuinely welcoming fans back into the world that has captured hearts and imaginations around the world since 1997.

It is clear that we can expect plenty of action and chaos involving wizards and muggles (non-magic people), while enjoying the creativity and imagination of J.K.Rowling’s magical world.

With the author having a lot of say in the film, this will be reassuring to fans who might have wondered if this was a step too far in trying to recreate the world of Harry Potter and that it won’t live up to those films. Well it is difficult to say for sure until we all see it, but it seems pretty clear that this is a film that has had a lot of time spent on it to make it the right film for fans to enjoy.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released on November 18th. 


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