NEWS: Dare Devil Rides to Jarama to Tour UK

Townsend Productions have announced the world premiere production of Dare Devil Rides to Jarama by Neil Gore, will tour the UK from the 24th September until the 3rd December. 



Dare Devil

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, Dare Devil Rides to Jarama is a new play based on the experiences of The International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.

As Spaniards rose up to challenge General Franco’s military rebellion in 1936, it inspired millions of people worldwide. Neil Gore’s play focuses on their struggle and why ordinary people chose to leave their families and livelihoods to fight in a war miles away from home.

The play focuses on the contrasting lives of Clem Beckett, a Lancashire blacksmith and famous star of the speedway track, and Christopher Caudwell, a renowned writer, poet and philosopher. Both men were killed together at Jarama in February 1937, having become friends as members of the British Battalion’s machine-gun company.

Told through poetry, song and dance, it captures the raw passion and emotions at that time.

Director Louise Townsend said: “This project is a tremendous opportunity to tell this very intricate and extraordinary story of exceptional people. The challenge is twofold – to do justice to their achievements and to reflect the dense, turbulent political and historical times.”

Meanwhile writer Neil Gore commented: ” The play is an exciting and evocative piece about the incredible contribution made by the volunteers that made up the International Brigades to fight the forces of fascism and to uphold the power of democracy.”

The production will star Neil Gore and David Heywood as well as featuring designs by Emily Bestow, lighting by Danniella Beattie and music direction by John Kirkpatrick.

For more information on where the production is heading visit:


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