Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Not that an excuse is really needed to sit and read a good book, but National Book Lovers Day provides a great reason to celebrate all things bookish! Here is some of Love London Love Culture’s favourites at the moment…

1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austenthere is nothing quite like settling back with a classic love story and told with razor sharp wit that is very difficult to match these days. Jane Austen’s attitude towards society, class and people makes as much for interesting reading as the story between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.

2. Brooklyn, Colm Tóibínthis beautiful story of an Irish girl starting up a new life by herself and for herself has recently been transformed into a film. The characters and their story all sweep the reader into a very different era – as Love London Love Culture found. A wonderful and heartfelt read.

3. Victoria: A Life, A.N Wilsonfor something a little bit heavier going, but rewarding nonetheless, try this gripping and detailed biography of Queen Victoria. Yes, there a lot of political references but it helps to tie everything neatly together to form a compelling read. 

4. The Taming of the Queen, Philippa Gregorythere have been a few comments from various historians on Philippa Gregory’s books, but there is no denying that they have made history a little more accessible to those without a history degree. She brings to life female characters who are only vaguely remembered in history. In this case it is Katherine Parr, the only wife to outlive Henry VIII – but equally in danger as his moods spiral out of control, offering a new and even more intimate look at the King in his later years.

5. Career of Evil, Robert Galbraiththis is one of the most brutal and gory murder mysteries this writer has ever read – yet you can not put it down at all. As you get more involved with what is happening and learn more about each of the suspects, you realise exactly how much time and thought the author has put into this story. Read Love London Love Culture’s thoughts here.

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