This European premiere production is directed by Matthew Iliffe and follows the story of a group of teenagers living under the shadow of a tragic mining accident. But what have critics been saying about it? 

The Independent: *** Paul Taylor thought that: “The trouble with this 90-minute piece, though, is that while the quest involves much mimed physical activity (adroitly executed by the cast with ropes and chairs in this spare chamber-production), we’re kept waiting too long for any real dramatic development.”

A Younger Theatre: “But it holds the most important element of any performance which truly draws people in; real, raw emotion. There is no pretence, no farce – just the honest adventure of one boy as he climbs to the burnt part.”

London Theatre 1: **** “I would encourage those who want to be taken on a wonderful journey to experience a truly touching show with an extremely talented and exciting young cast.”

The Stage: **** Heather Neill wrote: “The tear-jerking ending is a touch sentimental but this unusual musical (here receiving its European premiere) is gripping and its staging imaginative.”

Exeunt Magazine: “although it is hindered somewhat by its own ambition, it also offers an unexpectedly moving window onto a gentler, more innocent America than the one we know and fear today.”

Musical Theatre Review: **** “This is a touching coming-of-age story with a unique musical score, but it’s the imaginative way that the audience is taken on this journey by director Matthew Illiffe that makes this show truly special.”

The Upcoming:**** “Burnt Part Boys is a tale of youthful discovery and redemption. The company makes great use of a small stage and with lovely but dark music, this is definitely worth seeing.”

British Theatre Guide: “this is fine singing and company work at its best. The Burnt Part Boys is a 90-minute gem well worth catching.”

Traffic Light Theatregoer: “it’s a curious mixture of  a musical with heart with touching moments and a musical by numbers letting the grit of mining life slip away.”

The Burnt Part Boys plays at the Park Theatre until the 3rd September. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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