PREVIEW: London’s Burning Festival

This unique festival created by Artichoke  to mark the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London will run across London from the 30th August to the 4th September. 

St Paul's ©Graham Lacdao.jpeg
St Pauls. (c)Graham Lacdao. 

Artichoke’s contemporary art and ideas festival will feature a variety of events, free for the public to visit, taking place in key parts of London such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and the National Theatre.

Artist Martin Firrell will present two new commissions, either side of the River Thames. Fires Ancient will light up the south and east sides of the dome at St Paul’s Cathedral with a projection that reveals the impact of the fire on the building. Meanwhile, Fires Modern will project Firrell’s text and flames to reveal stories of change that have shaped the capital city.

Meanwhile, with views across to the City and St Paul’s Cathedral, French fire alchemists Compagnie  will create a Fire Garden, transforming the riverside area in front of  Tate Modern.

Helen Marriage Director of Artichoke said: “London’s Burning brings a unique  contemporary perspective to the Great Fire, exploring the challenges and issues faced by major world cities today, our relationship to catastrophe and crisis and our ability to adapt, adjust and rebuild. It is an artistic response that addresses the impact of the Great Fire of London on the City, its inhabitants and buildings, and how it emerged from the ashes and evolved to the resilient world city it is today”.

Other events in the programme include: All the People in all the World by Stan’s Cafe will look at the cost of the London fire by comparing historical facts with contemporary moments and the UK premiere of HOLOSCENES, a six hour underwater performance installation.

London’s Burning Festival will run at locations across London from the 30th August to the 4th September. For more information visit:


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