REVIEW: Bach Interpreted by Chad Lawson

The composer and pianist’s latest album is delicately and beautifully performed, but there is an element of doubt whether it will interest people with no knowledge of classical music. 

Chad Lawson is a pianist who wants to introduce classical music to those who perhaps wouldn’t normally listen to it, but judging by Bach Interpreted, it feels as though he is still leaning towards those with some knowledge of the genre.

That isn’t to say that the album isn’t refreshing to listen to in terms of the quality of the performance or the way in which he has interpreted the music, but it doesn’t seem to offer anything to those wanting to appreciate classical music more.

The album was composed and recorded in just two days, yet listening to it you wouldn’t realise it. Each track is thoughtful, deep and poignant helped along by the delicate performance of Lawson himself.

Bach Interpreted is a very subtle and one-tone album, so it would have been a more rounded album had there been slightly more variety. There is still an element of having to go out and seek the original compositions if you want to make a compare and contrast.

But there is no doubting that Lawson’s interpretations are very respectful to the original material and he makes for an intelligent guide through these pieces.

The album’s charm lies in the calm serenity that comes through from beginning to end and it is very sweet and charming to listen to. Yet, there is still that underlying feeling that it is perhaps too subtle to make an impact on anyone wanting to listen to more classical music and unsure where to begin. It is more of an album that will appeal to those already familiar with Bach’s work as it will enable the listener to make compare and contrasts between Bach’s original compositions and Lawson’s interpretations.

Bach Interpreted will be released in September. 

Rating: ❤❤❤



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