Review Round Up…Bad Moms

The film follows three mothers who are overworked and unappreciated as they grasp a bit of freedom and fun. But is it worth a watch? 

The Guardian: ** Mike McCahill described it as: “less riot-grrrl provocation than sporadically rowdy coffee morning.”

Empire: *** Helen O’hara wrote that it: “hints at a serious and worthwhile message about motherhood but is often derailed in search of an easy laugh.”

The Telegraph: *** Rebecca Hawkes thought that: “Bad Moms could have been a genuinely subversive comedy, rather than just a sweetly funny one.”

The List: *** “The film features high levels of snark aimed at political correctness, and the raunchy details of the sex-talk sometimes tip too far into crudeness.”

The Wrap: “But the wonderfully unexpected cavalcade of hilarity — including one of the smartest and most unexpected celebrity cameos in recent memory — makes this summer sleeper a satisfying surprise. Book that sitter.”

Variety: “Bad Moms is often a bit of a cartoon, yet it’s funny enough to be resonant.”

Irish Times: *** “Good jokes help, as does a warm-hearted denouement that exonerates the mean girls.”

Hollywood Reporter: “Bad Moms paints a rather retro portrait of 21st century women (why do so few of these moms have careers?), its target — the cult of upper-middle-class, more-organic-than-thou helicopter parenting — is ripe, and gives the movie’s chaos a certain raison d’etre.”

Rolling Stone: *** 1/2 “The movie cops out by going soft in the end, but it’s still hardcore hilarity for stressed moms looking for a girls night out.”




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