Sadie Frost returns to the London stage in the world premiere production of Zoe Lewis’s play, but can it impress the critics? 

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The Telegraph: ** Dominic Cavendish said: “Britten in Brooklyn at Wilton’s Music Hall, by Zoe Lewis, barely takes us across the threshold of understanding what it was all like.”

Broadway World: ** “The challenge is never quite met in this production, which really needed to show us more of the unique qualities of four extraordinary icons of their arts, who come across as rather less than that – and, consequently, struggle to convince.”

London Theatre 1:*** Terry Eastham wrote: “The production and acting are good but, to my mind, there were some issues with the writing which lead to inconsistencies in the narrative, and an overall production that didn’t really grip me throughout.

The Upcoming: **** “Britten in Brooklyn provides a delight of quirky, funny writing with strong performances and clever pacing.”

The Reviews Hub:**** “A superb young cast, directed by Oli Rose, captures beautifully the bizarre encounters and surreal incidents, as well as the deeper emotional passages.”

British Theatre Guide: “there’s a central flaw in Lewis’s play, which is wittily directed by Oli Rose: while the locale is intriguing and the cast of creative eccentrics entertaining, the characters are interesting, not—at least not principally—for who they are and how they interact, but for what they did.”

West End Wilma: ** “The main impression of Britten in Brooklyn is incredibly shabby chic, in terms of its setting and characters within the bohemian community. I wish there was a complete lack of shabbiness to what could have been a more engaging insight of the artistry of these established figures and the wild lives they had.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: *** “The actors did an excellent job, the set was creative, Zoe Lewis has written an interesting story, and Wilton’s Music Hall creates an atmospheric ambience. For some reason it just didn’t quite come together for me.”

Britten in Brooklyn plays at Wilton’s Music Hall until the 17th September. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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