Ever fancied a munch while in the theatre but frightened of the noise that you make while eating? Or have you ever got frustrated with someone crunching noisily while watching a production? Then fear not! TodayTix have launched a new range of snacks to stop all of this! 

Research has found that 54%  of 1000  British people who attend the theatre find that rustling food wrappers was more annoying than latecomers to a show and, as a result of this 36% of people are concious of eating during a show in fear of their neighbours.

But now TodayTix working along with food developers Teatime Productions  has found a way to take popcorn, chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks and make them quieter.

This limited time only range includes:

      Quiet (Pop)corn Bites: ground popcorn, medjool dates, coconut butter, cocoa butter, coconut blossom nectar

      Muffled Truffles: dark chocolate, almond butter, medjool dates and cocoa powder

      Silent Slices: dehydrated pears

      Anti-Gas Lime and Mint Drink: grapefruit, lime, mint and water (all ingredients to diminish gas)

What about the loud packaging? Well all of the snacks will be contained in material pouches and silicon cups.

Merritt Baer, CEO of TodayTix said, “TodayTix want every audience member to enjoy their theatre experience to the full and so we have found a solution to the common problem of noisy eaters and rustling wrappers. By purchasing our one of a kind Silent Snacks, theatregoers can enjoy everything London’s theatres have to offer free from distractions. For a limited time only, with TodayTix, every theatregoer will see – and hear theatre differently.”

Those who use the TodayTix app are  able to purchase the range of silent snacks through the app for the shows In The Heights and American Idiot. All snacks are priced at £2 each or you can purchase a snack pack of all four for £8 and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.


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