First Impressions of… Fifty Shades Darker

Men of the world get ready to be abandoned by girlfriends and wives as the first full length trailer for Fifty Shades Darker has arrived. But what can we get from it? 

Oh boy! The second it was announced that the Fifty Shades of Grey novels were going to be made into films, there was a complete outcry about the idea of promoting Christian Grey’s shall we say “unique” lifestyle on film – it has to be said that I was one of them.

But when the first film came out it was apparent that it had a different take on the situation – a more romantic view of the relationship between Grey and Steele.

Yet, its all change for the second film, which judging by the trailer is certainly has a more edgy feel about it, keeping the dynamic of the relationship between Steele and Grey at the heart of the trailer but featuring new faces that look set to cause the couple trouble.

From this trailer it does appear that there will be a stronger plot line at the centre in comparison to the first, adding depth in terms of Grey’s background and having to deal with his past before they can move on properly.

A new director, a different writer involved the dynamic of the film will certainly be different and it will be interesting to compare the differences when the film comes out.

Although some fans of the original book have criticised the first film and the acting skills of some members of the cast, complaining that it doesn’t stick to the original book this will probably still do strongly at the box office – despite the critics, who will most likely dislike it.

Personally, as much as I didn’t enjoy the books I feel that the films (well the first at least) has made the characters more vivid and stronger – Anastasia in particular. So it would be fair to say that perhaps Fifty Shades Darker will have something more to offer than just simply focusing on one relationship. But we will have to wait until next year to find out properly.


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