Review Round Up: So You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970, Victoria and Albert Museum

Completely immerse yourself in a momentous period of change with the Victoria and Albert Museum’s latest exhibition. But what have critics been saying about it?


The Guardian: **** “against the odds You Say You Want a Revolution is, in the parlance of the era, quite a trip.”

Creative Review: “Somehow we need to recapture the optimistic energy of the high 1960s, and Revolution, despite crowd-pleaser tendencies, provides good tools for thought.”

Evening Standard: *** “This is a crowd-pleaser that entertains rather than rocks your world.”

The Upcoming: **** “You Say You Want a Revolution? provides a trip back to a formative era of modern history, and offers an insight into a cultural legacy that is still relevant today.”

The Spectator: ” Ultimately, though, the show is at least as revealing about the prejudices of the arts establishment and the intellectual tangle that the left now finds itself in.”

Culture Whisper: **** “The layout sets the tone. It’s somewhat wacky but incredibly effective.”

Love London Love Culture: “visitors will adore it for its pure nostalgic feeling and its bright, bold style that reflects the exhibition perfectly.”

Londonist: ***** “what elevates this exhibition from good to great is the fantastic production values and attention to detail.”

Rock Shot: “The huge achievement of the exhibition is to depict this world shifting period without longing and rose tinting.”

City Am: **** “Records and Rebels seamlessly fuses fashion, music, art and history into a dazzling, chaotic experience that will leave anyone under 60 with the distinct impression they were born into the wrong generation.”

The Daily Mail: *** “despite the gap that has opened up between us and the Sixties, this succeeds in capturing some of the excitement and the liberation.”

You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970 is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum until the 26th February 2017. You can book tickets through: Love


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