Review Round Up: Abstract Expressionism, Royal Academy of Arts

This latest exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts focuses on the movement which is mainly associated with 1950’s New York, exploring the way in which it broke with tradition to unleash a new and confident way of painting. But what have critics been saying? 

The Guardian: *** Adrian Searle wrote: “the legacy of abstract expressionism, and what happened through the subsequent decades, could have been better served.”

Evening Standard: *** Matthew Collings  was disappointed saying:”It ought to bust the five-star limit — the artists in it are so high achieving. But it’s a mess.”

The Telegraph: ***** Mark Hudson was impressed writing: “whichever way you look at it this is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.”

The Times: ***** “To walk through this blockbuster show is like walking through the pages of a spectacularly illustrated art history book.”

Victoria “It’s been almost six decades since the last show on abstract expressionism in the UK. Therefore for many reasons, I can’t imagine we will ever see a show this good on this subject again in our lifetime.”

The Upcoming: **** “Abstract Expressionism is an exhibition of an entire movement, rather than singular artists, and engages in a bold and considered way.”

Abstract Expressionism brings together the work of artists including Pollock, Rothko, Still, de Kooning, Newman, Kline, Smith, Guston and Gorky to re-evaluate the importance of the movement in the art world.

This is the first survey of Abstract Expressionism since 1959, making it a rare opportunity to examine its history and the artists who used this style of painting for their work.

Abstract Expressionism opens on the 24th September and will be on display until the 2nd January 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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