PREVIEW: Picasso on Paper, Omer Tiroche Gallery

The Omer Tiroche Gallery will present an exhibition of more than 30 works completed by Picasso on paper. 

Picasso, Le peintre et son modèle IV, 1970, Ink on cardboard (Courtesy Omer Tiroche).jpg
Le Peintre et Son Modele IV, 1970, Picasso. (c) Omer Tiroche. 

This intimate collection of work by one of the most influential artists of the 20th century will be on display at the gallery from the 4th October until the 16th December.

The display marks the gallery’s rebrand and expansion into Modern Art, as well as coinciding with the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition Picasso Portraits.

Picasso on Paper will provide an intimate insight into the artist’s work from the early 1900’s all the way through to his final years. The display reveals how the use of paper was an important part of the way in which he worked and reshaped his ideas.

The exhibition will also feature studies of artist and model, a series that began in 1963 as a way in which Picasso came to terms with the death of his friend Matisse.

Omer Tiroche commented: “When I decided to expand the gallery vision to include Modern art, I couldn’t imagine anyone more suited than Picasso to mark this step. He was, and remains, the most influential artist of the 20th Century; his presence fits almost seamlessly with our Post War and Contemporary programme.”

Mapping out Picasso’s world on paper, the exhibition will move through several periods, revealing a love affair with the material. Highlights will include: lyrical Rose Period watercolour (Saltimbanque et Jeune Fille, 1905), and a meticulous Analytical Cubist still-life (Nature Morte Cubiste, 1910).

Picasso on Paper will be on display at the Omer Tiroche Gallery from the 4th October until the 16th December 2016. For more information visit:

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