Review Round Up: Hyundai Commission: Philippe Parreno, Tate Modern

The Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall is transformed into a immersive experience that will challenge visitors perception of time and space. 

The Guardian: ***** “astonishing, mesmerising, magnificent and unmissable. It is filled with constant surprise.”

Evening Standard: ***** “Parreno is a master of manipulating the exhibition space, and he uses the full length and height of the Turbine Hall brilliantly.”

The Telegraph: *** “Entertaining and provocative though it is, whether Anywhen will go down as one of the classic Turbine Hall commissions will depend on whether its rather disparate collection of elements coheres in a way that captures the public imagination, or indeed if its cutting-edge technology still feels cutting-edge – particularly to younger gallery-goers – in six months time.” “A master of the immersive, Parreno is the perfect candidate to take on the halls’ cavernous space.”

The Times:** “You come in hoping to see some eye-stretching theatrical, but find that you seem to have ended up backstage instead.”

Culture Whisper: *** “Parreno draws from a diverse pool of influences and disciplines and this work is no different.”

Hyundai Commission: Philippe Parreno is on display at the Tate Modern from the 4th October until the 2nd April 2017. For more information visit:



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