The Arcola Theatre has confirmed its Winter 2016 season, including productions of Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion, The Island Nation, Drones, Baby,Drones and Angel. 

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The new season of work at the Arcola Theatre will include new plays by David Greig, Ron Hutchinson, Christina Lamb, Belarus Free Theatre, Christine Bacon, Sergio Blanco and Henry Naylor.

Opening the Winter 2016 season will be a production of Tomorrow I was Always a Lion (19th to the 29th October). Based on the memoir by Arnhild Lauveng, the play is an investigation into the nature of psychosis and recovery. It will be directed by Vladimir Shcherban.

Following on from that will be a production of Christine Bacon’s The Island Nation (26th October until the 19th November) directed by Ria Parry. The show will transport audiences to the heart of Sri Lanka to discover the shocking truths, and the extraordinary human sides, of the biggest unreported war story of our time.

Then from the 2nd to the 26th November, Nicolas Kent and Mehmet Ergen will co-direct a production of Drones, Baby,Drones , two new plays by David Greig, Ron Hutchinson and Christina Lamb, exploring at behind the scenes of America’s drone wars, with two vital and exposing tales of power, sex and infighting at the top of the Washington establishment.

The season will then continue with Michael Cabot’s production of Henry Naylor’s play Angel from the 21st November until the 17th December. This is the London premiere for the production, which is inspired by an extraordinary modern legend, tells the story of a crackshot sniper, with 100 kills to her name. And she appears indestructible. She’s the Angel of Kobane.

The final show to be confirmed is Thebes Land by Sergio Blanco, running at the Arcola Theatre from the 30th November until the 23rd December.  Directed by Daniel Goldman, this is another London premiere and sees Trevor White  and Alex Austin  interrogate one of the rarest and most shocking crimes known to man, with the on-stage participation of convicted patricide Martin Santos.


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