NEWS: First Look at Louise Jameson and Linda Nolan in Rumpy Pumpy!

New images have been released of Louise Jameson as WI campaigner Jean Johnson and Linda Nolan as madame Holly Spencer in new musical Rumpy Pumpy! as final casting for the production is announced. 

RumpyPumpy Louise Jameson as Jean Johnson and Linda Nolan as madame Holly Spencer Photo Scott Rylander.jpg
Louise Jameson and Lynda Nolan. (c)Scott Rylander.

Running at the Union Theatre from the 14th to the 19th November, this new British musical is based on the true story of two ladies from the Hampshire Women’s Institute who decide to campaign for better conditions for working girls.

Joining the previously announced Louise Jameson and Lynda Nolan in Simon Greiff’s production will be: Craig Armstrong, Basienka Blake, Liberty Buckland, Claudia Cadette, James Charlton, Tricia Deighton, Sally Frith, Alex Roots, Scarlet Wilderink.

RumpyPumpy Linda Nolan as madame Holly Spencer Photo Scott Rylander.jpg
Lynda Nolan in Rumpy Pumpy! (c) Scott Rylander

Rumpy Pumpy! features music, lyrics and a book by Barbara Jane Mackie and is her first musical. Talking about it she said: “I spent time with several brothel Madames, meeting their working girls and hearing their stories. I realised that the story of these girls would intertwine powerfully with the story of the two WI ladies, as all of these women wanted the same thing: the decriminalisation of prostitution. Rumpy Pumpy! is my way of wrapping up a complex subject and creating something fun and frothy with a gritty edge.”

The musical was inspired by the story of Jean and Shirley, who visited Amsterdam and  the Bunny Farm Brothel in Nevada and unimpressed with the working conditions that they found. When they finally find the ‘perfect brothel’ in New Zealand, stripped of pimps, crime or Madames, they decide to head home and set up their own mobile brothel on the streets of Winchester to change people’s hearts and minds.

The production will feature designs by Gregor Donnelly, choreography by Carly Hainsby and lighting by Will Brann.

Rumpy Pumpy! will play at the Union Theatre from the 14th to the 19th November. For more information and to book tickets visit:

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