The punk-rock band are back with their first album since 2012. But do critics still enjoy their music? 

The Guardian: **** “It all makes for their most coherent album since 2004’s American Idiot.”

A.V.Club:  “The band is hitting its catchy but predictable musical marks harder than ever.”

The Atlantic: “The music is unfailingly melodic and crisp, derived as much from Tom Petty as from The Descendants, and it often shows off Green Day’s underrated ability to make sneering radio rock feel as cozy as a Christmas carol.”

Rolling Stone: “But Revolution Radio isn’t just hot nostalgia. It reflects decades of accrued emotional and musical wisdom.”

NME: **** “as a simple collection of songs, it’s as strong as anything they’ve come up with since 2004’s ‘American Idiot’.”

Evening Standard: *** “The songs are well pitched between fury and introspection.”

Slant Magazine: *** “Green Day’s Revolution Radio is the band’s most concise effort in years.”

Paste Magazine: “Revolution Radio is a loud, energized power-pop album in moody punk clothing.”

All Music: “it’s hard not to view 2016’s Revolution Radio as a consolidation, a way for the band to shake off all distractions and get back to basics.”

Pop Matters: “Revolution Radio ends up being a pretty good album. There are a handful of tracks here that are more memorable than anything on the 2012 trilogy.”

The Times: **** “It’s a straight-up collection of 12 punk-pop belters.”

Revolution Radio is available to buy and download from Amazon now.