REVIEW: brightwater by Ayako Fujiki

Following on from three previous album that focused on the work of other composers, Ayako Fujiki releases a more personal and intricate album that is haunting from beginning to end. 

This is certainly an album that soothes the soul after a long day at work and features a delicate and elegant performance from Ayako Fujiki, the whole album feels effortless.

From the title track ‘brightwater’ all the way through to ‘Drizzle’, the album flows easily from one track to the next, which is perhaps a good thing considering quite a few of the song titles refer to water.

While many of the early tracks on the album are calm and collected, as it progresses there becomes a warmer and more in depth nature about the songs, particularly evident in ‘Sunshine Through the Leaves’ and ‘Moonlight Sketch’ which certainly have more energy but are just as thoughtful and relaxing as  ‘Melancholic Bar’.

As the song titles suggest, it is album that is very much focused on nature and escaping from real life for a while and embracing the joys that nature has to offer and this certainly comes through in Fujiki’s performance which is delicate with just a hint of dreaminess about it.

It is an elegant, charming, relaxing and beautiful album to listen and one that conjures up so many different images of nature that it genuinely feels like a form of escapism. Some may find it a little cold and too still in its nature, but listen to it all before making a judgement as you might find it will change your opinion.

brightwater is available to buy and download through Amazon now. 

Rating: ❤❤❤❤




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