Beyond Caravaggio is the National Gallery’s exhibition that explores the influence of Caravaggio on his contemporaries and followers. Here is what critics have been saying about it: 

The Guardian: ***** “This is the National Gallery’s best exhibition since Late Rembrandt and a lot more daring.”

Art Info: “what the exhibition actually does is highlight how these artists were, for the most part, barely able to go beyond the work of the Italian, a number of whose masterpieces are on display here and put everything else into a poorer light than in their overly dingy compositions.”

Evening Standard: **** “The key to appreciating Beyond Caravaggio is to understand that although only six of the 49 pictures are by him, each of these is fascinating and every other picture reflects themes and ideas Caravaggio introduced, which the six also exemplify.”

The Upcoming: ***** “There are some less-than-fascinating works on show in Beyond Caravaggio and visitors expecting room upon room of paintings by the famous artist will probably be a little disappointed. Overall, however, the few stunning works by Caravaggio win out, making this exhibition one not to be missed.”

Time Out: **** “There might not be a lot of Caravaggio’s painting here, but he sure inspired a lot of brilliance.”

Culture Whisper: **** “The show does nothing to dim or dent the Caravaggio we all know and worship. His genius has never shone brighter.”

Culture Vulture: “It’s a fine exhibition, not overwhelming in scale, but Caravaggio’s paintings are the real scene-stealers here and they leap from the walls with drama and immediacy.”

The Telegraph: *** “A disappointing proportion of the show’s cast of artists are mere mortals trying on a giant’s robes.”

Londonist: **** “Beyond Caravaggio reminds us just how skilled this painter was, and how he inspired countless artists that followed.”


 Beyond Caravaggio is on display at the National Gallery until the 15th January 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:


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