Thom Southerland directs this new production of the Tony Award winning musical Ragtime. But does it still fit with the times or is it slightly dated? Here is what critics have been saying: 


Broadway World: ***** “There might be a better night in the West End just now – but I doubt it.”

The Stage: ***** “Southerland’s genius is to turn the staging into a collective effort.”

The Telegraph: *** “Southerland’s production is extremely accomplished but it’s hard to truly like a show that tries so hard to be loved.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: ***** “I left this show feeling uplifted, full of life, it was strangely life affirming, whilst being heart-rending, thought-provoking and moving.”

Johnny Fox: ***** “But it’s the weight and worthiness of the content that makes Ragtime not just an epic production, but also a marathon for the audience.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “Ewan Jones’s choreography is understated but perfectly pitched.”

London ***** “This is musical theatre at its best.”

Gay Times: **** “it’s much  to the credit of this company this story hits home to quite the levels it does.”

London Theatre 1: **** “This is a beautiful production of a much under-rated show, and an absorbing and heartfelt musical.”

Evening Standard: ** “The show simply never stops to catch its breath or allow us a moment’s pause for reflection and director Thom Southerland does nothing to ameliorate this. Gruelling.”

The Reviews Hub: ***** “Thom Southerland, no stranger to bringing difficult or little-known musicals to the stage, here crafts a visual and aural treat that brings out the best in the work.”

The FT:  **** “It all coheres nicely, and makes you hope that the second-act number is overly pessimistic when it declares that “We can never go back to before”.”

The Times: *** “Less would give us more in this sometimes stirring production that breathes new life into an old musical.”

The Bardette: “There isn’t a single weak link in this magnificent production and the cast dazzle with every note.”

British Theatre Guide: “It gains from the proximity of a smaller theatre and, though its themes may aim to be serious, its vitality send its audience out on a high.”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: ***** “Truly, musical theatre does not get better than this.”

There Ought to be Clowns: “the magical touch that director Thom Southerland seems to have when it comes to reconceiving musicals, as his actor-musician production here at the Charing Cross Theatre is an extraordinary success.”

Ragtime continues to play at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 10th December. To book tickets visit:, Discount, Theatre Tickets, Last,  Theatre and UK 



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