Following the exciting news that Abba is creating a virtual and live experience for 2018, here is five songs that remind us why Abba is still as popular as ever. 

Chiquitita – undeniably perky, charming yet comforting it is a song about friendship and how we can all lean on each other for support when things don’t quite go to plan as well as our ability to get through anything in life.

Dancing Queen – still powerful in its ability to get people up on the dance floor, Dancing Queen is infectious and joyful to listen and to sing along to. It is well constructed and the lyrics certainly have an almost poetic quality to them that makes them memorable.

Take a Chance on Me –  always willing to shake things up, getting the balance of creating songs that are both about pain in love as well as the hopefulness in love and Take a Chance on Me is definitely about taking the leap of faith in love. It is richly layered with a variety of different styles, cleverly put together to create a song that is flirty, happy and fun to listen to.

S.O.S – heartfelt and honest, S.O.S is the perfect song to listen to if you are struggling to cope in the aftermath of a break. The warmth and passion in the vocals combined with the simple but stylish music makes it a great pop song.

Money, Money, Money – another playful and quirky song that captures the group’s spirit and ability to create songs about a number of different topics, Money Money Money is one of their more experimental tracks that shows their boldness in creating a different kind of music that still stands out today.


These are just five songs in an impressive catalogue for a group that still has a huge following today and look set to continue for years to come.



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