NEWS: Company of Angels Relaunches as Boundless Theatre

In a special event that took place at the Hoxton Hotel, Artistic Director Rob Drummrt announced the aims for Boundless Theatre. 


The Company of Angels has officially relaunched as Boundless Theatre, after new Artistic Director Rob Drummer outlined plans for the company’s future in creating theatre for young audiences.

Having formed in 2001, the Company of Angels was formed to create new and experimental work designed to get 18-25 year old audiences to engage with theatre and what it has to offer.

Rob Drummer has confirmed that this is something that will still remain at the heart of Boundless Theatre’s aims, but he was emphatic that digital technology ,as important as it is to young people, will not play a major part in driving audiences to their productions, rather putting strong stories about big issues that matter to 18-25 year olds such as freedom of movement and brexit on stage to get them talking.

In his speech last night Rob Drummer said: “Now is the time to be bold and fearless with our choices and be enterprising with how we go about making our work.”

It was also confirmed at last night’s event that the first production to be presented by the company in its new form will be Glenn Waldron’s Natives, directed by Rob Drummer which will be performed at the Southwark Playhouse from the 29th March until the 22nd April.

Glenn Waldron’s play follows the lives of three teenagers in completely different situations. One finds love and death on a wasteland, another young woman plans the ultimate birthday surprise in an exclusive island community, while across the globe a 14 year old computer fanatic becomes an unlikely hero.

Further productions in the company’s new season have yet to be confirmed, but it seems certain that the company will focus on contemporary work by new and upcoming playwrights from across the globe, to bring a range of topics to the stage.

It is clear that under Rob Drummer’s direction, Boundless Theatre will have plenty of ambition and ideas to ensure that they create theatre that will engage audiences and capture their imagination and to engage them more with the world of theatre.

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