New Music: Ailie Robertson – Haven

This new composition from folk and classical harpist might be melancholy and tinged with sadness but there is still a sound of hope that runs through its numerous rises and falls. 


Haven was inspired by ‘keening’, a form of vocal lament that is custom to funerals and this is something that comes through deep and strong in the music, which has a beautifully melancholic style about it that is thoughtful and beautiful to listen to.

The piece was commissioned by the BBC and  premiered in London earlier this year and has now been recorded by the Elias Quartet, joined by harpist Eleanor Turner. The performance is richly emotional, with plenty of rises and falls that bring out a variety of emotions.

Structurally, the piece takes listeners on a journey of discovery that seems to explore grief through the lows and the positive memories that it can bring. It flows wonderfully from one note to the next and reveals Ailie Robertson’s talents as a classical composer.

When listening to Haven, the listener can really feel every note and every emotion that comes through thanks to the performances of the Elias Quartet and Eleanor Turner.

While the over riding feeling of the piece is tinged with sadness, there is still a feeling of positivity that comes through the delicate nature of the piece that is brought to life by a great Quartet.

It never feels self-indulgent and comes across as very natural and enjoyable to listen to.

The UK release date for Haven is the 22nd November. For more information on Ailie Robertson visit:


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