Following its sell-out run at Theatre503, Stuart Slade’s BU21 will transfer to the Trafalgar Studios from the 4th January to the 19th February 2017 it has been confirmed. 

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A beautiful sunny morning in London, planes leaving vapour trails across a cloudless sky. Then a sudden flash of light and, for thousands of people across the capital, everything changes forever. Here, six survivors come together in a support group to tell their stories – what they witnessed on the day and how this has affected their lives.

Stuart Slade’s  play follows six Londoners in the aftermath  of a fictional terrorist attack and is based on testimonies gathered from those who have been caught up in terrorist attacks  including the 7/7 bombings, 9/11, the Paris attacks and the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack.

Talking about the play Stuart Slade said: “Terrorism is an inescapable part of the reality of life today, especially if you live in a capital city. In London, in particular, it’s not a question of if there’ll be another attack – but of when, and how bad. BU21 is my attempt to understand how people cope with, and potentially overcome, traumatic events in their lives.” 

The production will be directed by Dan Pick and will star Alexander Forsyth, Clive Keene, Florence Roberts, Graham O’Mara, Isabella Laughland and Roxana Lupu.

BU21 will play at the Trafalgar Studios from the 4th January until the 18th February 2017. To book tickets visit ATG Tickets


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