Review Round Up: School of Rock, New London Theatre

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest show rocks into London – but does it live up to expectations? Here is what critics have said so far about the production…

The Independent: **** “The kids are more than alright  – in fact, they’re an absolute joy in this ridiculously entertaining new show.”

The Telegraph: ***** “The most enjoyable few hours money can buy.”

The Stage: **** “this show has tons and tons of heart, and it has been executed with a heartfelt amount of art.”

WhatsOnStage: **** “The thrill of “You’re in the Band” is that its liberating inclusivity embraces the audience too in the celebration of talent.”

Time Out: *** “School of Rock is basically harmless. But there is, at the very least, something a bit Luddite about a show so smugly adrift from the present, so determined to posit the caterwauling of a bunch of ’70s bloke rockers as the sum total of musical achievement.”

Love London Love Culture: ❤❤❤❤ “a fun, vibrant and heartwarming show.”

Evening Standard: **** “The exuberant silliness of this fresh and charming musical feels like a seasonal tonic.”

London **** “This is a show that is above all a lot of fun. I watched it beaming throughout.”

The Guardian: **** “this is Lloyd Webber’s most exuberant show in years and, at a time of general gloom, is dedicated to the great cause of cheering us all up.”

There Ought to be Clowns: “Laurence Connor’s production thus marshals its resources well, if offering up little by the way of surprise in Anna Louizos’ design or genuine emotional depth, as occasionally hinted at in songs like ‘If Only You Would Listen’ and the rapprochements of the end.”

The Financial Times: ** “Lloyd Webber so wants to show that he has grit. His score here fails almost entirely.”

Broadway World: **** “For sheer family fun, this latest addition to the West End is top of the class.”

The Upcoming: **** “It’s so impressive and uplifting seeing 13 children (all aged 10-12) rocking out a West End full-house with actual guitar riffs, keyboard solos, groovy bass lines and drum breaks.”

The Times: **** “This isn’t jailhouse rock, it’s classroom rock but that doesn’t make it any less fun.”

British Theatre Guide: ” Apart from the music and the performances, what makes School of Rock worth a visit is its underlying ethos that, by concentrating on what you love, your character and confidence will develop.”

The Mirror: **** “This musical was a gamble, but one that’s paid off spectacularly.”

Theatre Cat: ***** “light, joyful, touching, youthful and musically inventive.”

School of Rock the Musical is currently booking at the  New London Theatre  until the 12th February 2017. To book tickets visit:,Last,Love, Theatre , Theatre Tickets and UK


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