Five Reasons to See Dreamgirls…

As Casey Nicholaw’s production opens for previews at the Savoy Theatre, Love London Love Culture looks at why you need to see this musical…

Dreamgirls Logo Landscape.jpg

1. Incredible cast: there are some seriously big numbers in this musical, so prepare to be blown away by the cast – not least Amber Riley, whose vocals have already stunned audiences across the globe thanks to her role in TV hit Glee. But the rest of the cast look to be equally strong including Joe Aaron Reid, best known for his performance as Benny in the London production of In the Heights.

2. The glamour: of course you can’t have a musical that looks at the music business without even a hint of glamour – and from initial pictures that have been released (see below) you know it is going to be an all out production to dazzle audiences.

(c) Greg Williams.

3. It has been 35 years since its original production on Broadway: this is the musical’s long and overdue premiere in London, making it an extra special excuse to come along and visit. Most people in the UK who have heard of the musical and the score will probably most likely have seen the 2006 film starring Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

4. Casey Nicholaw: having had a successful opening of Aladdin the musical earlier this year, the name Casey Nicholaw is becoming a familiar name in London. He is also associated as co-director and choreographer on The Book of Mormon. From seeing Aladdin, as a choreographer he is able to create lively and energetic sequences that reflect the spirit of the show.

5. The story: essentially charting the rise to fame and fortune through the eyes of one girl group during a period of change both in the music industry and attitudes of the world in general, this is certainly going to be a rollercoaster of emotions from beginning to end.

Dreamgirls is now open for previews at the Savoy Theatre. To book tickets visit: ATG Tickets,, Discount, Last,Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK



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