Review Round Up: Allied

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard star in this latest film from Robert Zemeckis – but can it wow critics? 

The Guardian: ** “plonkingly slow and clonkingly laborious wartime thriller.”

Financial Times: ** ” It’s a by-the-cliché love-and-war romp anxious to invoke Casablanca yet directed with pastel-toned inertia, going on paralysis.”

New York Times:  “deft and diverting World War II romantic thriller.”

IGN: “the film is a love letter to Hollywood’s old-fashioned, wartime love stories.”

Consequence of Sound: “Allied is armed with a certain amount of wit and absurdism that cuts the tension like a concealed knife.”

Variety: “Allied is tense and absorbing, yet the film’s climactic act somehow falls short.”

The Telegraph: **** “Allied, swathed in larger-than-life, luxurious imposture, is the real heart-racing deal.”

Rolling Stone: ** “What a handsome empty shell of a movie Allied is.”

Culture Whisper: **** “It’s a ludicrous, marvellous melodrama that’s never boring; one long, perfectly sustained cadence that deserves to win Razzies and Oscars both.”

Den of Geek: *** “This isn’t a tension-filled tour-de-force, but it is a perfectly enjoyable couple of hours.”

Indie Wire: “War is hell, but “Allied” isn’t much better, as it wastes a good idea and a better cast.”

Screen Rant: *** 1/2 “What it lacks in thematic substance and a resonant loves story, Allied makes up for with polished surfaces.”

Empire: ** “Where Allied works best is in testing the strength of its central relationship as it comes under greater duress.”

Cultured Vultures: “It’ll have you guessing, but the solutions you come up with will in fact be much more interesting than the ones you’re given.”

Allied is released in UK cinemas 25th November. 


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