NEWS: Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary Celebrated with New Fine Art Collection

It is 25 years since the gaming hero first became known to gamers and this special anniversary is being marked by a new collection of fine art available to see across the Castle Fine Art and Castle Galleries nationwide. 

Watch Out (c) Paul Kenton. 

Having first appeared as a video game character in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog quickly became an icon for many gamers in the 1990’s and beyond. As a character, he become a global phenomenon with over 350 million video games sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

Now his popularity is being celebrated in a collaboration between  Washington Green, the UK’s leading art publisher, and SEGA Europe Limited.

Castle Fine Art will showcase the limited edition work (also available to buy)  that has been created by Washington Green artists, re-imagining the character through their own styles. The collection includes work by Craig Davison, Keith Maiden, Paul Kenton and Robert Oxley, in keeping with the many faces and iterations of Sonic over the years.

The collection was launched on Friday, 2nd December and is available to view and buy nationwide through  Washington Green’s network of Castle Fine Art and Castle Galleries. Each limited edition comes  with a certificate of authenticity co-signed by both the artist and Naoto Ohshima – one of the founding members/designers of the Sonic franchise.

Glyn Washington, Founder and Creative Director of Washington Green Fine Art, said: “The launch of this collection marks the culmination of many months of passion, dedication and hard work both from our superbly talented artists and the team here at Washington Green. We have all relished the opportunity to collaborate with SEGA, getting to know their brand and opening our world of fine art up to new audiences.”

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