Review Round Up: Peter Pan, National Theatre

J.M Barrie’s classic story flies onto the stage once again in Sally Cookson’s production, now playing at the National Theatre – but what have critics thought of it? 


The Guardian: **** “Although the keynote of this production is spirited exuberance, it is true to Barrie’s melancholy point that you either remain trapped in permanent adolescence like Peter or mature into a conformist adulthood.”

The Independent: **** “The production sweeps aside the traditional Edwardian bric-a-brac in favour of an aesthetic that’s barer and 1970s in feel.”

London News Online: ***** “It is a fantastic production, both wonderfully funny but with plenty of poignant and sad moments that dazzles with mischief, invention and adventure.”

The Stage: **** “Cookson is alert to the peculiarity and longing that runs through Barrie’s strange tale and the final few scenes are unexpectedly moving, catching the audience off guard while capturing the ache inherent in growing up – and growing old.”

Culture Whisper: **** “J.M. Barrie was right that ‘’All children, except one, grow up’, but this delightful family show invites all ages to regress and remember the magic of childhood.”

British **** “This is no traditional telling of the tale, rather it is a streetwise re-telling utilising hands on story-telling, exciting staging and a very sinister female Captain Hook!”

Radio Times: ***** “This production is not just a big adventure – it’s a brilliant one, too.”

Broadway World: ***** “It’s no pantomime! But what an awfully big theatrical adventure it proves to be.”

London *** “Cookson’s version is perhaps a little unfocused as I’m not entirely sure of the demographic she is aiming for with this production. It’s by no means a classic, family-friendly show.”

A Younger Theatre: “It’s a wholly magical interpretation of Peter Pan, with so much playing involved you want to get up and join in.”

Time Out: **** “JM Barrie’s poignant festive favourite gets an inventive new production.”

Evening Standard: **** “brimful of invention, innovation and fine flying elsewhere.”

Exeunt Magazine: “this superb production’s compassionate evocation of how it feels when the time you thought you could fly has passed. But maybe you still dream about it.”

London Theatre1: **** “This Peter Pan is a wonderful show about growing up and what that means, even if you haven’t yet, whatever your age.”

The Upcoming: **** “This is a show for all the family. It is enjoyable escapism – magical and yet grounded in reality.”

The Bardette: “Cookson has crafted a fantastical retelling that will make your heart soar and hands clap with all your might that you do believe in fairies.”

Theatre Bubble: **** “A memorable, visual feast that, while having some rough edges, has more than enough heart to capture the imaginations of any audience.”

Musical Theatre Review: ***** “Apart from Sally Cookson’s inspired direction, a big shout-out to Michael Vale’s set, Katie Sykes’ costumes and Aideen Malone’s lighting, all brilliant.”

Peter Pan plays at the National Theatre until the 4th February 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:





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