It has been confirmed that Anton Cross will star in Natalie Ibu’s production of Arinze Kene’s Good Dog, which will be touring the UK next year. 

Touring from the 14th February until the 11th March, Arinze Kene’s Good Dog is a story of what it is like to live in a multicultural society and the everyday injustices that drive people to take back control.

It’s in the window of Sam’s, behind the rusty display. Two wheels, shiny body, handlebars ready to be gripped. Mum’s promised him that bike so even when school or homelife bites, he knows to keep his chin up, his head down and his shirt clean. No harsh word, no sudden push to the ground will distract him from growing up to be a good man.

All around him neighbours are waiting. Gandhi’s waiting for the day when customers will be kind; Mrs Blackwood is waiting for him to stop doing someone else’s dirty laundry and notice her; Old Man Boateng’s waiting to get bored of the drink and Trevor Senior’s waiting for when those kids will let him and his son play in peace. For now, though, they tip their hats and look the other way – because in the end, everyone who’s good gets what they deserve. Don’t they?

Presented by tiata fahodzi, the production will visit Watford Palace Theatre before touring to Hexham, Manchester, Huddersfield, Didcot, Newcastle, Ulverston, Birmingham and London.

Talking about the  Anton Cross’s casting, director Natalie Ibu said: “Anton is a gifted graduate actor. He’s thoughtful yet playful and this matched with the exhilarating craft of Arinze’s writing will make for an entertaining night full of courage, vulnerability, humanity as Anton takes us back through the noughties as boy.”

Anton Cross’s stage credits include As You Like It, Stig of the Dump, Gentlemen of Verona – all for the Storyhouse Summer season 2016 in Chester.

Good Dog will be touring the UK from the 14th February until the 11th March 2017. For more information on venues and to book tickets visit:



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