Favourite Films of 2016

It has been a strong year in the world of film but here is a guide to some of the best films that Love London Love Culture has watched.

Love & Friendship: Whit Stillman’s take on this little known Jane Austen novella Lady Susan is very different to any other Jane Austen adaptation seen on screen. It has plenty of sharp humour and a great central performance from Kate Beckinsale worth watching.

The BFG: it seems as though Steven Spielberg and Roald Dahl are two creative minds that work well together if this heartwarming interpretation of this classic children’s story is anything to go by. The CGI is fantastic and brings Dahl’s world to life vividly and Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Giant was the perfect casting choice.

Joy: what a wonderfully inspirational biopic this is to watch. Jennifer Lawrence is superb in this film about Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop that is presented in a down to earth way that really hits the heart.

Zootropolis: this fantastic Disney film has a very grown up feel about it, with plenty for grown ups and children to enjoy. Who knew a story about a bunny trying to make it in a predator dominated world could be filled with so much fun, adventure and danger!

Hail Caesar!: this latest film from the Cohen brothers about one man’s effort to cover up the disappearance of his leading Hollywood star is typically quirky and amusing that will be sure delight the fans of previous Cohen work.

Fences: ok so this new film directed and starring Denzel Washington won’t be released in the UK until February next year, but having had an early look at the film it is definitely one to watch. Full review will be published to coincide with the film’s UK release.


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