This new comedy from Dominic Hedges, directed by Terence Mann will play at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 17th January.

The Doppel Gang - Jake Urry (Lombard) & Terence Mann (Director).jpg
Jake Urry (Lombard) and Terence Mann. (c) Peter Stone. 

Presented by Just Some Theatre Company, The Doppel Gang explores the comedy of The Marx Brothers.

As the Blitz tears through London, a group of hopeless entertainers devise a daring plan to save their theatre from closure, by masquerading as The Marx Brothers. If the audience falls for the act, their one-night performance could save the day, but is everyone playing the same game, or is there more going on behind the scenes at the crumbling old theatre than meets the eye?

Fusing classic British comedy with the energy of The Marx Brothers, The Doppel Gang transports audiences back to wartime London and features a 1940’s soundtrack to help showcase the antics used to try and boost morale.

The Doppel Gang - Peter Stone (Tommy) & Jordan Moore (Cyril).jpg
Peter Stone (Tommy) and Jordan Moore (Cyril). (c) Peter Stone. 

Talking about the play playwright Dominic Hedges said: “There are so many similarities between our comedy and that of our American cousins. We both think we’re hilarious and we both think we’re smarter than one another. Groucho Marx’s lightning wit versus Eric Morecambe’s wry asides for instance. I guess I’ve tried to pit us up against them, all the while hiding ourselves from the horrible reality of our Second World War surroundings.”

The cast includes Peter Stone, Jordan Moore, Jake Urry and Rachel Hartley.

The Doppel Gang will play at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 17th January until the 11th February. For more information and to book tickets visit:





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