First Glimpse of… I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper @Griffin Gallery

Open from today (12th January), the Griffin Gallery presents a new group exhibition that examines the importance of appropriation and influence in the practices of ten contemporary artists.


Curated by London-based art consultant Catherine Loewe,  I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper features the work of the likes of  Gavin Turk, Glenn Brown, Luke Caulfield and Stephane Graff. 

Talking about the exhibition Catherine Loewe said: “The exhibition’s title comes from the 1978 Hot Gossip song of the same name, and also refers to the artist Glenn Brown, who used the title for one of his paintings, a meticulous rendition of a Rembrandt. Through this appropriation, Brown united something old and almost sacred with something modern, and this, in part, was the genesis of the exhibition.  While all of the featured works open up myriad lines of inquiry, from challenging notions of value and authorship to examining modern morality, the show is in essence about the artists’ relationship with the art historical canon, from Old Masters to the present.” 


The theme of the exhibition alludes to the  hysteria surrounding the art market and fuses the double Frieze Fairs, the Contemporary and the Masters and in this case blurring the distinguishing factors.

Many of the works that are on display as part of the exhibition use both traditional materials as well as new technology through a variety of media including plasticine  and video projection.

I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper will be on display at the Griffin Gallery until the 24th February. For more information visit: .

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