NEWS: World Premiere of One Last Thing (For Now) to Take Place at Old Red Lion Theatre

Althea Theatre will be presenting the world premiere production of One Last Thing (For Now) at the Old Red Lion Theatre from the 7th to the 25th March. 


Inspired by love letters from times of conflict from different cultures and countries, One Last Thing (For Now) was created and developed over the last two years by Lilac Yosiphon with the ensemble.

An officer in Russia cannot bear to tell a woman, far away in Wales, that her husband has died. Instead, he writes her love letters pretending to be him. A woman in London awaits a letter that will never come while another skypes love messages to her boyfriend in Afghanistan. Elsewhere, a soldier addresses his last letter to his former teacher who refused to join the army. And a hundred years ago, a woman wants to send her touch to her husband, so she cuts off her hand and puts it in an envelope, and goes on a journey to the other side of the world to deliver it herself.

Interweaving  narratives from WWI in Northern England, WW2 in France and Germany, the civil war in Colombia and stories from contemporary Britain and Israel, the play examines the words of love against the pain and suffering of war.

The ensemble will include Sam Elwin, Carolina Herran, Cole Michaels, Katerina Ntroudi, Kitty Roe, Tom Shah, Thomas Wingfield and  Lilac Yosiphon.

Talking about the play Lilac Yosiphon said: “Imagine you had to create one piece of theatre so brilliant, so overwhelmingly exceptional that you would be allowed to stay in the country thanks to it? That was the advice I was given and that led to the creation of this show. It was just the beginning of the centenary and I remember reading a postcard from 1914 saying ‘All My Love x’ and a last text from a soldier that was killed a week before but in 2014. Both said the exact same thing, only in a different time, a different place and a different language.”

One Last Thing (For Now) will play at the Old Red Lion Theatre from the 7th to the 25th March. For more information and to book tickets visit:



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