Khaled Hosseini’s best selling novel is brought to life in this production that arrives in London following a successful UK tour. But what have critics been saying about it?

Kite Runner West End poster artwork

The Guardian: *** ” Matthew Spangler’s solution, in an American adaptation seen at Nottingham Playhouse in 2013, is to offer a workmanlike summation of the book, but one that rarely captures its ability to glide seamlessly from the intimate to the epic.”

The Independent: *** “The trouble is that the scenes don’t get enough chance to breathe in their own right, so over-insistent is the older Amir’s agonised commentary.”

Love London Love Culture: ***** “Giles Croft’s sensitive production really makes the most of the powerful moments in the story.”

The Telegraph: *** “the show’s simple invitation to our imagination worked a treat.”

Variety: “Giles Croft’s humble production plays out as storytelling, occasionally tipping into show-and-tell and thereby slowing its pace.”

Time Out: *** “Director Giles Croft’s crisp production is almost thrillerishly paced, but also agreeably stripped back and restrained.”

The Stage: “Giles Croft’s production captures the heart of the story, and in turn the hearts of its audience, with a quietly impressive, and ultimately overwhelming, theatrical authority.”

WhatsOnStage: *** “In turning it into a play adapter Matthew Spangler has faithfully replicated its virtues.”

Jonathan Baz Reviews: *** “While the tale may be epic, its adaptation from the original best-seller is troublingly two-dimensional and at times melodramatic.”

Mature Times: “I came out of the theatre, feeling if you have either read the novel or seen the film, or done both, you don’t really need to see the stage adaptation.”

Theatre Cat: **** “story, strength, performance and sincerity deserve all honour.”

British **** “Khaled Hosseini’s much-loved book is given a faithful and moving production in a highly effective adaptation by Matthew Spangler.”

The Kite Runner will play at the Wyndham’s Theatre until the 11th March. To book tickets visit:, Discount, Theatre Tickets, Love, Theatre and UK



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