Dutch artist Sara Le Roy brings a new twist to fairytale princesses and childhood icons in this first 3D painting exhibition to make its way to the UK. 

Alice (Trip Adviser), 2013. (c)Sara Le Roy. 

On display at the Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery from the 23rd February until the 23rd March, the artist’s unique oil paintings have been designed to be through 3D glasses – and are the first of their kind.

Taking the classic images of fairytale princesses and childhood icons and twisting them from innocence of the classic stories to the darkest layer of the human psyche, Sara Le Roy’s paintings take viewers on bizarre and journey, allowing them to ‘jump’ into the paintings.

Sleeping Beauty, 2014. (c) Sara Le Roy. 

Much of Le Roy’s inspiration for the paintings derives from the models and their real-life experiences and her thoughts of herself as a woman. To then create the paintings, the artist has worked alongside Casta Diva Pictures the leading 3D film designers to create the perfect 3D effect.

Alongside the 3D paintings, the show will also feature a short series of paintings that examine closely the iconography that underpins Disney characters – including Mickey Mouse.

The purpose of the work featured in the display is to reveal the dark side to fairytales and how death and the dark side of human nature is often lurking behind our favourite tales.

Sara Le Roy is a self-taught artist who is based in London. She began exhibiting among the urban art scene, living in a squat in the old Chelsea Art School with trapeze artists, painters, photographers and other creatives, many of whom were the subjects of her paintings.

The exhibition is to be displayed at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, an art project space which overlooks the London 2012 Olympic park. It was created to provide artists with a high-profile platform from which to introduce their work to new audiences.

3D Tales (The Disenchanted Forest) will be on display at the Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery from the 23rd February until the 23rd March. 


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