Thom Southerland’s latest musical production starring Zoe Doano and Chris Peluso is now playing at the Charing Cross Theatre. But what have critics been saying about it? 


A Younger Theatre: “A brilliant idea, though not quite fully brought to life, but one that takes a traditional type of story and creates a musical that does not blaze any trails, and appears to leave something to be desired. However, some outstanding performances and strong production elements mean it’s at least enjoyable while you work it all out.”

The Telegraph: ** “nicely sung (especially by leads Chris Peluso and Zoe Doano), nicely costumed, nicely designed piffle of the highest order. In fact, pretty much dead on arrival.”

The Bardette: “There’s no denying that Southerland’s production is super stylish and oozing in twenties glamour.’

Page to Stage Reviews: **** “combines the dramatic melodies of Phantom of the Opera with the sweepingly romantic tunes of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast into one beautifully atmospheric package.”

Grumpy Gay Critic: *** “Stealing the show are Chris Peluso as Death, and Zoe Doano, giving two of Theatreland’s most blinding current performances.”

Carn’s Theatre Passion: **** “In the present complicated harsh world it’s a delight to be reminded that indeed “Life is A Joy” and to be cherished.”

Love London Love Culture: **** “Southerland’s production simply allows the gorgeous score to take centre stage and is still a treat for the eyes and the ears.”

The Guardian: *** “Southerland directs the show gracefully, Morgan Large’s designs have a weathered beauty, and the cast is good.”

The Daily Mail: *** “Trapped between death and life, it is nothing like deadly nor animated enough.”

The Stage: **** “This killer of a production meets the daring and unusual ambition of its material with finely calibrated textures throughout.”

The Independent: *** “One of Yeston’s greatest gifts as a composer is for the lush, yearning romanticism that here infuses the music so thrillingly sung by Chris Peluso (a square-jawed heartthrob in his tuxedo) and Zoe Doano in rich, glittering voice (if not offering quite as searching a portrayal) as Grazia.”

London **** ” As has become customary in Southerland productions, the singing is gorgeous, the musical direction (Dean Austin) impeccable, and the design exquisite”

Broadway World: *** “it’s a bit safe and lacks a much-needed injection of excitement.”

Everything Theatre: ***”While the premise of the story has the potential to develop into either a profound look at the meaning of life or a good bit of absurdist fun, it tries to do a bit of both and therefore commits to neither.”

Time Out: *** “Southerland’s staging is pure gothic romance.”

Evening Standard: *** “Yeston’s score is luxuriantly tuneful without being exciting, lacking essential momentum.”

British **** “Maury Yeston’s magnificent score for this show – one of the finest in London right now – is a glory not to be missed.”

The Reviews Hub: *** (1/2) “Death Takes a Holiday is an overtly romantic musical that will largely sweep you along to its rousing finale.”

West End Wilma: **** “A delightful chamber musical about the power of love to conquer death.”

Death Takes A Holiday will run at the Charing Cross Theatre until the 4th March.  To book tickets visit:, Discount, Theatre Tickets,Theatre and UK




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