Following the success of In the Night Time (Before The Sun Rises) at the Gate Theatre, Big Guns is the new play from Nina Segal, playing at The Yard Theatre from the 21st March. 


Directed by Dan Hutton, Big Guns is an unsettling play that looks at a society that is preoccupied by violence and how we engage violent content through the media and online.  Segal explores that moment just before something terrible or mundane happens.

Big Guns is the prickling at the back of your neck, the faint taste of blood on your teeth, the couldbe sounds of a strange figure in the semi-darkness. The YouTube clip you hope doesn’t load but can’t help watching. Privacy. Pornography. Flat-pack furniture. Big Guns is violence. Against others. Against ourselves. It’s paranoia. It’s a society living in fear. It’s the moment just – before.

Talking about the play Nina Segal said: “Our appetite for fictionalised violence – on TV, in the cinema – hasn’t waned; our appetite for real violence, streamed live through Facebook or on a grainy YouTube video, is still being negotiated. We’re statistically safer than we’ve ever been and yet often  feel more under threat than ever. Big Guns is about the space between threat and violence, between the fictional and the real – and between looking at and looking away.”

The show will be performed by Debra Baker and Jessye Romeo.

Big Guns will feature set and costume designs by Rosie Elnile, lighting by Katharine Williams, sound by Kieran Lucas and is produced by Martha Rose Wilson.

Big Guns will play at The Yard Theatre from the 21st March until the 8th April. For more information and to book tickets visit: