Discover what critics have been saying about Laura Eason’s play about ambition and success directed by Peter Dubois . 

The Stage: ** “Slight and frustrating play that’s as unilluminating about writing as it is about sex.”

London ** “this is one of those desperately shallow American plays that uses art — in this case literature — as a come-on along with the sexual promise to justify its artistic credentials.”

The Upcoming: **** “what Eason particularly achieves with Sex with Strangers is to convey the nuance of that impact on the way we interact with one another through this sexually wrought, naturalistic and wholly absorbing production.”

WhatsOnStage: ** “listening to chat about writing you’ve not read is not exactly thrilling.”

The Times: **** “A sexual drama that publishes its virtues.”

The Independent: *** “Sex With Strangers is in Hampstead Theatre’s admirable tradition of finding literate plays on up-to-date literary concerns.”

The Telegraph: ** “Oglers will be happy. Bums will be put on seats. But it’s pants.”

The Guardian: ** “Eason’s play never persuades me their relationship would have survived the melting of the Michigan snow.”

Evening Standard: *** “Laura Eason’s enjoyably slippery play”

London Theatre1: **** 1/2 “Sex with strangers is funny, heart-warming, thought-provoking and just a little bit unsettling”

Time Out: ** “The most exciting thing about this play is imagining potential punters googling ‘sex with strangers Hampstead’. Racy name, sleepy play.”

British Theatre Guide: “Sex with Strangers is undoubtedly entertaining and allows Theo James to wallow in the portrayal of an alpha male in his pomp.”

Live Theatre UK: ** “Everything here needs more interest, more excitement, more possibility. Otherwise, the people who buy tickets will hate it for not being what they expected.”

The FT: ** “If Eason had opened her play up to other characters, or shown the actual occurrence of significant events rather than simply filtering them through duologues, it would be easier to engage.”


Sex With Strangers continues to play at the Hampstead Theatre until the 4th March. For more information and to book tickets visit:




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