Combining fantasy with Irish spirit, this energetic and brilliantly choreographed show has plenty to offer audiences. 

Dangerous Games is a show which contains so much energy and a variety of different interpretations of Irish dancing that are combined with elements of ballet that the audience as well as the cast are constantly kept on their toes.

A straight forward story of good versus evil, which can get lost in other elements of the show and can make it seem slightly disjointed in places doesn’t stop the audiences from having a great time from beginning to end.

Choreographically, Michael Flatley can do no wrong, showing just how Irish dancing can be used as a form of story telling as well as deserving to be considered as a modern dance form. Dangerous Games is certainly a more edgy show in comparisons to Riverdance and Flatley rises to the challenge beautifully, combining moments of aggression with a softer side to create a fully rounded production.

The show also reveals the faith that the director and choreographer has in his cast, all of whom deliver razor sharp performances choreographically – even if some of the acting outside of the dancing sequences aren’t quite so convincing.

Andrea Kren as Lord of the Dance was superb, constantly light on his feet and giving a performance that showcased his flamboyancy, energy and enthusiasm for the production.

But the other elements of the production also impress from the gorgeous visual elements that set the mood and scene perfectly, the pulsating music that captures the tempo and speed of the dance perfectly and the beautiful costumes (of which there are many to dazzle you).

The opening and end sequences featuring Michael Flatley do tend to feel self indulgent and waste a little bit of time, but somehow you can’t entirely hold that against him due to the obvious pride and joy he has put into Lord of the Dance over the years.

Giving a new meaning to fast and furious, Dangerous Games is a delightful spectacle with a few minor flaws that the audience can’t help but enjoy. Wonderful entertainment.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games continues to perform at the New Victoria Theatre until the 18th February, before continuing to tour. To book tickets visit: ATG Tickets

Rating: ❤❤❤❤