Which Take That Songs Should be Featured in New Musical The Band?

Now that the winning band for Gary Barlow’s new musical has been announced as well as the tour dates it is time to speculate exactly which songs might be included…

Never Forget: already an ultimate nostalgic song at any of their concerts, it already feels like the perfect song to conclude a musical with – uplifting but with a clear finale to it that would delight audiences and of course fans who can’t get enough of the song anyway!

Back for Good: now every musical needs a great ballad and this one fits the bill perfectly – stripped back and harmonic this would be an excellent choice for inclusion. Maybe even throw in some rain as well?

Up All Night: it would be great to see some of Take That’s more recent work coming into play as well, and as Gary Barlow himself has said there will be fourteen Take That songs featuring there is plenty of room for this to be included. It is infectious, fun – but of course a lot depends on the direction the musical will take but could be a great song to be included.

Shine: this song might be a little bit quirky, but it would also add something a little bit unique and even slightly theatrical about it (as you can see from the video). There is something a bit more edgy about it that is also exciting and interesting to listen to.

Why Can’t I Wake Up With You: if there is a love interest in the musical then this would be a great option in the moment if something goes wrong or an element of wishful thinking happening. Just an idea!

Pray: in a musical that is surrounded by the idea of pop music, then you need a great and classic Take That pop song to fill that gap – this is it. It also seems appropriate to use it being the group’s first number one single.

That’s just a few ideas on what songs could potentially be used but of course we will just have to eagerly wait and see as further details of the musical are released over time.

The Band will be heading on tour from the 8th September until July 2018. For more information on the tour dates and booking information visit: http://www.thebandmusical.com/tour




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