Since the Oscar winning film was released earlier this year, an online local services marketplace has discovered that demand for dance lessons in the UK has risen. 


Following this news the online local services marketplace  is now offering fans of the romantic musical a chance to learn the routines from the film at a special ‘La La Land Bootcamp’.

Bidvine has a number of dance tutors and professionals listed on the site and has seen an upsurge of the public’s demand for dance lessons – particularly in contemporary and tap dancing.

To meet the demand for dance lessons the online local service marketplace has offered to set up a free La La Land Bootcamp, which will see those taking part learn dance routines as well as vocal lessons. The class will be held in London – if enough people sign up.

The marketplace has also seen an upsurge in demand for singing and piano lessons, since the film’s release on January 12th. co-founder, Russ Morgan, said: “We’ve partnered with a number of our dance professionals to give fans of the film a chance to learn the routines at La La Land Bootcamp. We’re excited to see how they get on with some of the trickier moves!”

For those who are interested in signing up for the class visit:


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