NEWS: The Bunker to Present Bunker Without Borders

London’s newest theatre venue The Bunker has announced that it will be presenting Bunker Without Borders festival from the 4th to the 8th April. 

Bunker Without Borders

The week long festival will explore the question what might a world without borders look like, sound like, feel like, be like? This new festival will seek to share stories in an attempt to find a way forward in the current global climate.

Bunker Without Borders is curated by playwright Firdos Ali, spoken word artist James Chelliah, and artists from the Bhumi Collective, while The Bunker’s Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart has programmed a series of evenings that place a diverse range of voices on stage from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, countries, and perspectives.

Throughout the week the festival will present the work of seven playwrights Ali, Amber Hsu, Mahad Ali, Rabiah Hussain, Daniel York, Alexandra Donnachie, and Nicole Latchana. Highlight performances of the week will include Latchna’s Fennel-Spiked Lamb which tells the true story of a Bangladeshi immigrant forced into modernday slavery in Scotland and Hussain’s Dissected in which two young female Muslim pathologists must their belief under the microscope as faith and forensics collide.

Talking about the festival The Bunker’s Artistic Director Joshua McTaggert said: “Bunker Without Borders is about celebrating and representing the incredible breadth and depth of story-telling the artists in this city has to offer. The Bunker came to fruition in a turbulent world, and it is our duty as theatre-makers to face those turbulences head on and ask ‘why?’ and, more importantly, ‘what next?’. It was important to us at The Bunker that we looked beyond just theatre, and we are thrilled to be continuing The Bunker’s tradition of music, spoken word, and dance, alongside a unique set of theatrical offerings.”

Bunker Without Borders will run from the 4th to the 8th April. For more information visit:


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